XP?/Linux (Fedora Core 7) Dual Boot & EasyBCD


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Hello Everyone...a newbie here. I discovered EasyBCD thru surfing the net and reading blogs...

I am a hold-back on Vista...basically, waiting on SP1 to come out before I buy Vista, but I would like to know if EasyBCD will work with an XP Pro (SP2)/Fedora Core dual boot
system in the mean time.

Also, will EasyBCD take the place of GRUB as the bootloader?

I really like what I see here, and would like to use it now, if possible, in place of GRUB and still using XP...

Thanks Everyone - Jim
EasyBCD requires Vista.

EasyBCD will replace GRUB. But the fact still is that EasyBCD is for the Vista bootloader. It helps modify the BCD which controls Vista. XP uses boot.ini which is a totally different bootloader.

So sorry to say but what you want to do wont work till you get and install Vista. Till then you can use GRUB.
Yep, Mak's (unfortunately) right :tongueout:

However, when SP1 comes out and you choose to use Vista, we'll waiting with open arms :smile:

GRUB should treat you well enough until then, it's pretty stable and reliable.