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Hi. I am new to all this so i may sound like a noob, but please forgive me.
Here's my story. I Have windows XP installed as C: and Windows 7 installed as D:. Something weird happed to the Windows 7, so basically I formatted it using windows XP. I wanted to remove the Windows 7 entry from the Boot manager using EasyBCD. I deleted windows 7 and renamed 'Older version of windows' to Windows XP. After I rebooted the PC Windows XP doesn't show, instead it continues to show windows 7, and when I attempt to go into it it say failed to load Winload.exe (something like that).

Now I can not load into my windows XP. I do however have Ubuntu Live 11.04 in front of me. Is there anything I can do to fix this. I also have the windows XP installation CD too so I can use recovery console, but I'm not sure of the steps. In fact I don't even mind getting rid of the whole Windows 7 Boot manager and restoring my Windows XP boot only.

Please guide me.



Few, my problem was fixed. I did all these weird things, and finally got my XP loading only with no Windows 7 Boot Manager. I went in to Recovery console with XP CD and ran FIXBOOT.
Others reading my post, this may not be the actual fix so use with caution.

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 with grub being in its own partition. I cant boot to ubunutu. Can some one guide me on adding ubunutu to windows XP boot loader?

Thank you
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Install ubuntu letting it take control of the MBR and it will automatically dual-boot XP for you.
You need to be a NTLDR boot.ini whizz to boot Ubuntu from XP, but you can probably find how to by judicious use of Bing
(for example)