Xp no more

It was always scheduled as far as I can remember. For those who are fully updated, i.e. have SP3, support continues until 2014 in the way of Microsoft Updates and online support.
It's been the case with every OS so far.

Personally I think Vista doesn't deserve the bad rap it's been getting, but I'm appalled at the cost for full retail. I got mine on eBay & was lucky to get a full retail 32/64 bit version for about 70% of the normal cost, but the full cost is ridiculous. But then so is the price of anything-Apple/MAC.
This is the normal course of things. XP is already 7 years old. Evolution has to come into effect at some point. Vista is out. Windows 7 is being developed. After XP was released you did not hear the outcry for 98SE to be continued. So why cry for XP.

Let it die. Move on. XP will be supported till 2014 and by that time Windows 7 will be out. If you dont like Vista use XP till 7 comes out.

I personally use Vista and havent had any major problems.
I always liked and still do.

Just passing on the news since i know some of us here arent too supportive of Vista:smile:
well one reason to cry for vista is because some of us have computer and laptops that are not up too the vista bar and once xp is canceled not one game recent game will be compatible plus some people would prefer to use xp such as the elderly who will probably not be so willing to switch up and there new programs wouldn't be used to their full potential