XP not opening


I have xp pro along with vista installed on a partitioned drive. Install went well, xp opened, then ran the vista installer. Now when the BCD screen comes up and I choose xp, I get an error message telling me the NTLDR does not open. I can go back to vista and unistall the vista loader with BCD and xp opens fine.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you Mahmoud. I did as you suggested and it works now. Now if I can only connect to the internet from XP I will be set. Any suggestions? I have a Toshiba Satelitte. When I'm in Vista everything works fine connecting. When booted in XP, well that's another story. I need drivers but unable to find them so far.

Thanks again for any help you can give.
You will have to go to the Toshiba Site. They should have the downloads available in the download section or in the Support/Drivers section. They should be there. Since you didn't give a specific model number there is no way we can find them for you. But searching thru the site by model i have seen they all have Ethernet drivers available for all systems.
A follow up. Booting between xp and vista is no problem. I have the wireless working for intranet betweet computers. I can not connect to the internet even though it says my wireless lan is working. I'm stumped as to why I can connect to my other computers but not to the internet. The 1394 lan connection says the tcp/ip is not enabled. Tried to obtain an Ip both by auto and inputing the correct info. If I go into Vista it works fine.

Pulling what hair I have left out on this one. Boy, when they say installing drivers for xp can be an experience they weren't kidding. Also, I went to the toshiba site and they don't list xp drivers for the Satelitte A215-S7462 model.

Thanks for any help.
OK, got it figured out. Downloaded drivers and did the install and everything is working 100%. Keeping my fingers crossed. LOL

I agree, who ever said that intalling drivers after a Windows XP install won't be easy knew what they were talking about.

Thanks you guys for the help.