XP Partition Is Empty After Installing Vista


I have a large SATA raid drive - XP was on one partition
I created an extra partition of 40G and installed Vista on this partition - straight from a boot off the CD.

Vista works ok - however no choice of boot into XP ---- AND...
when you look at the XP disk in Vista it look empty - apart from a few boot files --- how do I get it back.

I have tried an number of things but no joy.
By the way when I boot off the XP disk into Recovery mode it does not see the old windows partition.

I do hope you can help

Hello Mike, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies :smile:

Good news, and bad news:

Bad news first: It is possible the partition was formatted.
Good news: If it's not formatted, we can get you back up and running in no time :smile:

OK, try this: view the properties for the XP Partition. How much space is used out of how much space available?
That'll tell us whether the files you want are deleted or just plain hiding :wink:
This seems to be what everybody else is saying !!
I did a clean install
What I can't understand is that vista is in the partition that I created blank - I can tell that by the size ??

Thanks for yur help

Looks like an xp re-install !!!

Well, the good news is, you're not at fault.
Obviously Vista installed to the partition you created, but somewhere along the way a bug in the setup formatted your HD.
I'm really sorry for your troubles Mike... Post back here if you need anything :smile:
instead of restoring, your better off peforming a complete re-install,

But the one thing you have to rem about vista is, its still a baby, i also have tried to install vista Public Beta onto another partition, and it formatted my 1st windows XP partition, and used it for the boot manager (which by the way i hate)