XP partition setup compatibility


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Any problems maybe? I would like to switch over to Free Partition Wizard Home Edition but my current XP Pro hd has been partitioned with PQuest 8. Is there certain issues that I must take care of before using Partition Wizard?
I will be upgrading to Win 7 very soon and I understand that PQ is in any case not compatible.
Ant tips or suggestions most welcome.
Hi Reddy, welcome to NST.
Though I'm not in any wise familiar with the program you're using (Free Partition Wizard), you should be just fine using it on your system if the app is supposed to be compatible with NTFS partitions. There is nothing you'll need to "take care of" beforehand, however, though. It either works, or it doesn't.
There's no problem installing Vista or W7 to a partition created and formatted with an older partitioning tool. Though they themselves will create partitions with the latest alignment standards on a blank HDD, they're both fully backwards-compatible with the old standards.
The only problem comes if you have partitions defined with the latest software standards (like on an OEM pre-installed PC), and you use old software to repartition the space.
It will see the existing partitions as "wrong" and offer to fix them. Replying "yes please" then messes everything up and your system is borked.