xp password expired

I let my password expire on my lap top and cannot access it now. I am the administrator of my lap top but I do not know how to access or how to reset my pass word. I prefer not to wipe my hard drive clean and reinstall as I have information on my desk top that I prefer not to lose. Can you help?????

Thanks in advance.:joy:
What do you mean the XP password "expired"?
AFAIK, the same password stays forever on Windows, unless you change it.

To reset it, boot from the XP CD, access the Recovery Console, and do:

My xp pro operating system password next to my name on the main screen expired. I will try what you suggested. Thanks for helping me.


Mak 2.0

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XP Pro has the option to have your passwords expire. You just have to enable that option. Vista and Win7 have it as well. It is a security measure put in place in many businesses.