XP Post Restart


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While selecting the Option to Boot to XP, the system does not post into any screen, and just reboots.

I have installed Vista and XP with Dual Boot using the Utility ( easyBCD ) and worked flawless..

After the Girlfriend infected the computer under VISTA, I wanted to reinstall a Clean version..

XP operated fine and Loaded with no problems. Installing the Vista wipes out the BCD file and now presents the problem with no Boot manager..( vista only )

Vista is installed under the 1st partition , XP under the 2nd partition

I created a new entry for XP under hte EASY BCD but now when I select the XP to boot the computer the computer Just Restarts 0.5seconds after and goes through the post bios and back to the boot menu.. Any idea on how to recover the OS. I cant imagine that OS got corrupted.. but I do need to recover it..
Hi H3NK, welcome to NST

Unhide hidden files/folders and protected operating system files in folder options under the view tab by opening "my computer" and going to the tools menu. Check the root of Vista's partition for boot.ini, ntldr, and ntdetect.com. If not there, but on XP's partition, copy them over to Vistas' and then re-add the entry in EasyBCD for XP pointing to Vista's partition.

While you're at it, you may also want to re-scan for remains of the virus on XP's partition.
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