XP Pro, 2003, Vista, and Fedora 8


Ok, so as from the thread, you can see what I'm trying to do. I loaded all of the three (Vista, XP Pro, Server 2003) on the one HDD with 80Gig partitions, leaving about 40 for Fedora 8.

I tried to load Fedora 8 but can't make sense of it because it won't let me select the "H" partition which is where I want it installed.

Anyone done this recently and can provide some assistance for a newbie to Linux?
Well, you can't install it to a partition with a drive letter because that'd be either an NTFS or a FAT32 partition and Fedora doesn't support installing to either.

Instead, leave the freespace blank. Then tell Fedora to use existing free space on the hard drive to create its partition layout (be sure to check "review layout when done" or whatever).