XP Pro Recovery Disc download available?


I have seen many threads and references to getting recovery discs for Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, I need the recovery discs for Windows XP Pro Media Center Edition. I think the basic Windows XP Pro recovery discs will work. Is there a place to download these so I can burn them onto a CD? I lost the ones that came with my Gateway computer.
Gateway informed me that they do not support any of their systems after 3 years from production date. As such, they will not sell me new recovery discs. Rather, their "advice" was to purchase a retail version of the software. Nice. I will never purchase another of their products and will never recommend them to anyone I know.
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New licenses for XPs are not sold by MS anymore, though you might be able to get a disc off ebay. We don't have such a recovery disc for XP.
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Found a Solution - I hope!

Thanks, Justin. Since I posted this question, I have done considerable web surfing and forum shopping looking for help. Thought I would just list it here so if anyone else has this problem, they will have a place to go.

First, there is an excellent article, with links and great explanations, at

Although it is made specifically for a Thinkpad laptop, the generic process will work on any computer. Some of the things, such as how to avoid going through the activation process with Microsoft all over again, were very helpful.

If you want it even simpler, there is a freeware program that will let you cut your own recovery discs, using files from the Microsoft website, all done with a single click on a bat file, at

Hope this helps anyone else having the same problem I did. I note that Microsoft quit putting the recovery disc information on their website after XP so it is not available for Vista or Windows 7. Also, Microsoft did not include a link for XP with SP3 installed. I am not sure yet, but it is possible that I will have to reinstall SP3, or if I can get this to work for my repair function I am looking for, I may need to uninstall SP3 and then reload it. Haven't tried yet, so I am not sure.