Xp pro To home


Hi, im currently running XP pro on my pc atm ( non legit) however i really want/need to install my "Legit" Xp home. The problem im getting is i only have the CD key for home and the CD for Home install will not boot to install.

I try to install home in xp pro ( dont flame me plx lol ) and it sais that the current windows is a newer install blah blah.

So, do u guys know where i can download a xp home "bootable" cd from, without viruses etc ( im reluctant to use torrents)

The Pc doesnt have a floppy drive, so it must be bootable,

many thanks

edit: its an oem cd key
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Check your BIOS. It might not be set to boot from CD.

Also just to let you know you cant downgrade your system. You will have to format and reinstall.
Bios is set to boot from CD ( xp pro boots and installs fine) Home, however does not.

The issue is that i cannot boot from the xp home CD..

What i need is a bootable version of XP home - oem( no floppy)
You will have to check some torrent sites. We dont have it available here. We also wont link to it here. Sorry.
Check into some slipstreaming programs. If the files on the disc can still be viewed in my computer, you might be able to create a new disc for it with SP3 integrated.