xp reboot deletes win 7 restore points


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I am presently running xp sp3. I plan to add win 7, but have read that when booting to xp, all win 7 restore points are deleted. Does BCD solve this problem? Also, is it possible to install BCD if xp is the only os on the machine? Thanks. esmo


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System Restore Points - Stop XP Dual Boot Delete - Vista Forums
Works for most people
If not
How-To: Hide Vista Partition from XP with NeoGrub! | The NeoSmart Files
(Caution- this blog entry is very old. Both the EasyBCD GUI and grub syntax have changed since it was written. Stick to the MS registry hack if it works. If it doesn't, use HnS. If you want to control things through EasyBCD/Neogrub, you'll need to do some research.)
EasyBCD needs a BCD as the name implies.
the BCD is a feature of Vista/7/8
You can only use it with XP as part of a multi-boot in which one of the above also exists.
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