Xp refuses to boot into Vista


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Hi I recently formatted my harddrive then installed vista on it, partitioned a space for XP (ntfs), Afterwards I installed XP onto the second partition (f: ) which only has 12gb on it. After I installed it, it always auto starts into XP not Vista. I ran easy bcd and even the default setting on the program say for it to boot the (c: ) drive. I addded windows xp and vista onto the boot menu thing and saved it, but for some reason when I want to assign windows xp as the (f: ) drive it overides and makes the (c: ) drive.

I saved all my setting and it should boot into the (c: ) drive as it is, but never does. It always goes straight to the (f: ) drive and I only want xp for certain things. How do I get a boot menu to work and automatically boot straight into vista anyhow when I don't specify a choice?


Edit: Oh dang I feel stupid, I fixed it now thanks!
(also is there a way I can transfer over drivers between the two OS'?)


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Hi DEkay, glad you got your problem fixed.

Unfortunately there is no way transfer drivers from one OS to the other :frowning: Sorry!