XP showing on wrong drive


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I finally had a working triple boot system the other day. Vista, Server 2008, and XP Pro. It took a long time for me to finall get it but I had it, for a while. Here are the details of my system. I have four 500Gb hard drives. Two are mirrored for Vista Ultimate, one is partioned in half for XP and Server 2008, and the fourth is for video storage. I broke the mirror to install XP so that if I screwed one disk I would have the back up on the second one availabe. I had a lot of trouble getting my system to triple boot but it finally worked when I selected a drive that was one below where it said that XP was installed on. In Vista it showed that XP was on drive G but it wouldn't boot from there. On a whim I selected drive F instead and it worked. Well I was all happy and loaded everything I wanted onto XP. Then I decided to rebuild my mirror. After I did that I was no longer able to boot into XP. Vista and Server 2008 still work but not XP. I tried pointing it to the other drives to see if that would work again but no joy. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? If I am Vista or even Server 2008 how do I get the BCD to see and correctly add XP so that I can boot to it?