XP SP3 RC1 build 3244 Now Public


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At 336,070kb it's quite a download but it installed without a hitch.
I installed it on my spare XP Pro partition. I feel a bit let down as I was expecting lots of new bells and whistles, it didn't even say "Hi" or offer to make the coffee.
I detect no immediate difference, although it is supposed to speed XP up somewhat and make it more secure.
By the way, it did make a restore point before installing.

Available HERE it actually downloads from Windowsupdate.com.

Anyone know which MSFT newsgroup supports it?

thanks for the heads-up, Peter. I think Vista SP1 RC just went public too.... so I can finally give my friends an answer when they complain about some of the Vista bugs.

SP3 doesn't really have anything much to offer, except under the hood.... But it's already a great OS!
Well they did that at the end of the original Vista beta, right?

But I doubt it'll happen for SP1...... Looking at it from a PR point of view, SP1 is a make or break, and MS needs to control what the public sees or they have a huge catastrophe on their hands.

As for SP3 - no idea. I don't remember an SP2 newsgroup, do you?
Yes they had one of the privatenews.microsoft.com groups devoted to SP2 and it needed a user name and password to get in.
There isnt any newsgroups even private anymore that are just for the SP's. From what i seen they are all just XP or VIsta newsgroups. Course i havent been in there in a little while.