XP sp3/win7 dual boot - (only 1 disk , 1 partition)


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I have some machines with XP sp3 already installed (they have 1 disk 1 partition).
is there any way that could be recommended to build a dual boot (without start from scratch).

Thanks in advanced.
Sure Antonio, no problems. Boot from Windows 7 DVD. You want to select the custom option but make sure it isn't to upgrade. When you get to the partition screen you want to hit the advanced button, select the existing XP partition, and than shrink it to leave free space for Windows 7. With the free space create a new partition and format it (don't let Windows 7's installer do it for you). When its done formatting select the new partition if it isnt selected and than hit next to continue installing Windows 7 to the new partition. The dual-boot should be automatically created for you, but if not or if you'd like to rename the generic "Earlier version of Windows" to something more meaningful like "Windows XP" you can easily do so using the latest beta of EasyBCD.