XP stops before welcome screen

Had a power surge or something the other day, computer went into on/off loop. Unplugged it and it started working fine except......
XP had the ntoskrnl.exe error.....
So I finally got it almost fixed but when booting xp it stops at the blue screeen with the little "windows XP" and never advances to the welcome screen,
My question is this, after installing the easyBCD when it comes to being able to boot in safe mode for XP you lose that option. I don't know wheather it would boot into safe mode, but I'd like to give it a try. Is there a way to boot into safe mode or better yet what would cause this to stop at this screen.
If you're trying to get to the XP extended boot menu on a Vista dual boot, you must hit F8 immediately after selecting XP from the Vista menu.
Bootmgr chains to NTLDR to boot XP and you need to intercept the process just before NTLDR gets going.