XP Stuck in Startup Sound Loop in Dual Boot SSD/Hard Drive configuration

My system used to successfully dual boot into Windows 7 and XP. The first small partition had Dell diagnostics and general DOS programs. The second was XP, the third was Windows 7. All acting nicely with Easy BCD as the dual boot facilitator.

Then I copied Windows 7 (the main OS) to a SSD. The new SSD has a similar small partition and then remainder is Windows 7. This boots just fine.

However, I can't boot properly into XP anymore. XP is on a physical (rotatiing platter) hard drive.

First I was getting NTLDR and Winexe type errors. I was not sure what the problem was, so I deleted the old small partition with the Dell diagnostics etc., thinking maybe having the same information twice in the machine was a problem. I resized the XP partition so that the disc only had two partitions. I then and modified the EasyBCD entries, making sure to let EasyBCD autmatically set up the entries for XP (I used XP in the drop down menus not Win 7).

XP then got into a mode where it would just loop between playing the startup and exit sounds without going to the desktop. I thought that perhaps I had corrupted something, so I deleted the whole XP partition and manually copied a backup from a VHD file usinig 7zip. Unfortunately, I am back where I started with this loop between startup and shutdown sounds for XP. I feel like I am so close, yet so far away.

Any suggestions as to what may be going on ?

Thank you so much.


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If you reach the startup process, then nothing you do in EasyBCD will affect the XP boot.
I am not entirely sure that Easy BCD is not part of the situation.

From reading other posts on the web, it appears that XP is very sensitive to its original drive position (C drive was the original). Right now (at least from the point of view of Windows 7); XP is on drive G:. Could that be part of the problem, and if so, what steps could I take?

Thank you all.


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