XP, System Restore and W7 'Sleep'


My dual boot system (W7 / XP) is working ok but booting into XP cleared the W7 Restore Points. I applied the recommended fix (to XP's registry) and that cleared the problem so I now have W7 Restore Points again. However, the fix seems to have caused W7 to no longer go into 'sleep' mode: it worked before but now it doesn't. I reversed the procedure (rolled back XP to before the fix) lost my W7 restores but still can't get it of sleep. Has anyone else experienced this, and fixed it?
Can you reverse the process you did when you started this? System Restore wouldn't necessarily do that.

Follow Step Two here: System Restore Points - Stop XP Dual Boot Delete - Vista Forums

As far as the Sleep issue I haven't experienced that myself and I multi boot 2 Vista's, 2 Windows 7's and 2 XP VHD's.

One user in those forums found a similar issue with hibernation generally and said this:
"I had the same problem and I think it was the USB selective suspend setting in Advanced Power options that needed to be disabled to stop it waking instantly after Sleep was activated."