XP, Vista and 7 Triple Boot


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I've got Windows XP Pro and Vista currently installed, each OS on a separate hard drive (and both 32-bit). I'm using EasyBCD to dual boot, and everything works great. Now I want to add Windows 7 64 bit (I don't want to get rid of either XP or Vista until I'm comfortable with 7), I'm going to install a 3rd hard drive, and install Win7 on that. Do I have to do anything first with EasyBCD? I'm hopingt Windows 7 install will automatically place an entry in the existing BCD, and everything will work fine, is that correct?


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Windows 7 setup should do everything automatically. If it doesn't, use EasyBCD from within Windows 7 after setup.



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And make sure you're using EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7) and the whole triple boot will not require manual intervention. (if you need EasyBCD at all)