Xp/Vista dual boot on Vista-ready Laptop - Gone wrong :(


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I'm in desperate need of help. I bought a maxdata laptop which comes with Vista basic already installed. I wanted to have XP on it too so I could play games, so without doing much research I partitioned my main drive and quickly installed XP on it. To my horror, Vista no longer boots up and there's no menu to choose so. I now know there are many ways to solve this using third part software such as easybcd and vistabootpro, however, they have all failed!

When using easybcd I just get a fatal error when trying to run it, and I've tried reinstalling it many times too. When using vistabootpro, I need to download framework etc.. but my laptop doesn't have access to the internet any more, since things have gone wrong, so when I transfer the framework and other programs needed for vistabootpro to work, it again gives an error regarding "Plug-in installer could not detect the appropriate browser installtion directory". I do not have a Vista DVD since it came pre-bundled.

Please help, I'm stuck in the worst position possible!




Sorry about this, I solved the problem myself after loads of faffing.
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Hi brum, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Glad you got it to work, EasyBCD also requires .NET 2.0 (but not any of that plugin crap that VistaBootPRO asks for) and that's the "Fatal Error" you were seeing. Future versions will check for .NET 2.0 before installing.