XP/Vista Dual Boot Problem


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I just got my new laptop which came with Vista Business. I want to setup a dual boot system because I mainly use XP and I also want to use vista occasionally.

This is what I did:

1) I bought a new hard drive and created two partitions, I then installed XP on one of the partitions (C drive).

2) I made a backup image of the original hard drive (which came with the laptop and has Vista installed) using Acronis True Image.

3) I then restored the image on the D drive of the new hard drive.

4) I installed the new hard drive in the laptop. After a reboot it went straight to XP. So I edited the Boot.ini and included Vista. After reboot it did give me a selection, I selected Vista and nothing happened. XP can still boot without any problems.

I did a little research and found out that I need to restore the Windows Vista MBR and create a new BCD Boot .INI file using Vista. I know I can achieve that by doing a repair using the Vista CD. The problem is the laptop does not come with a Vista CD.

Can EasyBCD help me with this problem?