XP/Vista dual boot problem


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Hi there; I've been reading these forums for hours to try and find the answer to my specific problem, but I can't see how to solve it...

To summarise:

I successfully set up a dual boot with vista pre-installed on (C) - i partitioned the HD, put XP on a new partition (D), installed EBCD on the XP partition to boot back into vista. This worked fine for a year.

Yesterday I had to clean install vista on the C partition, which of course wiped the boot info for XP - so now I think I need to adjust things in vista so the dual boot appears again on start-up.

I understand that EBCD 2.0 is what I need to do this - but when I try to add a new entry for XP it mades bootgrabber.exe crash so I can't copy the correct xp boot files to the correct location.

When I start up now and select XP from the entry that bcd has added, i get the message 'the following file is missing or corrupt <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

I don't know how to sort this issue manually... can anyone suggest any steps?

Any suggestions?
Many thanks