xp/vista dual boot with two disks, combine to one disk

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Sorry I have posted this on 'vista corner' but no one gave an opinion...

My current configuration is dual boot xp/vista64 on two hard drives (two SATA disks on two SATA channels).

HD#1 has two partition, xp on first (primary) partition and the other (logical) partition (NTFS) is for data (no OS installed).

HD#2 is vista64.

XP is installed first, vista later. The system boots from the xp partition (BCD files and bootmgr are there) and the OS selection menu is the standard vista BCD menu.

Now I want to free HD#2, and move the vista64 installation to the logical partition on HD#1. Since the system will still boot from xp partition, I don't see why this won't work.

I am thinking of copying all the files on hd#2 to hd#1, partition 2. Then going to xp->easybcd to add another entry pointing to hd#1, partition 2. Would this method work? If yes, what would be the simpliest way to do step 1? A command like xcopy?
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