XP, VISTA, Fedora Tri Boot


Selection NeoGrub from the Windows Boot loader presents the NeoGrub screen of available boot configurations. The XP configuration works OK. The Fedora selection results in a Linux boot but the boot fails with a Sync error. I can see many pages of scrolled screen with what appears to contain some errors.
I have reviewed the "Dual-Booting Fedora Linux and Windows Vista" document and appears not not to apply because it appears that both VISTA and Linux exist on the on the same hard drive.

If I reboot and adjust the BIOS to place SDC as the boot drive Fedora will boot.

Another minor problem I have not been able to boot VISTA from the NeoGrub Menu, I seem to remember some discussion about this problem.

Any suggestions about the boot of Linux NeoGrub problem?

SDA is a 500GB RAID0 with XP in the 1st Partition(C:smile:, VISTA in the 2nd partition (V:smile:, and a data Partition (D:smile:.
SDC is a 300GB with Fedora 8 installed
SDD is a 500GB partion (F:smile: data drive.
Vista BootLoader configured for XP and VISTA with VISTA the default.

Using EasyBcd 1.7.1 I configured the NeoSmart NeoGrub Bootloader
default 0
timeout 10
title Windows XP
root (hd0,0)
chainloader /NTLDR
title Fedora 8
root (hd2,0)
kernel /vmlinuz- root=/dev/sdc1
initrd /initrd-
Yes I read the Wiki on the Fedora dual boot with Vista.
The confusion is on Step 5 where it states the "First sector of the boot partition".
Trying the SDC drive (One with Fedora) did not work.
Should I try "First sector of the boot partition" of the SDA RAID0 Drive Instead??
I was some what leery about doing anything to the SDA drive least I mess up the currently no problem booting XP and VISTA on the partitions on the SDA drive.
To answer your question it would be the first sector of the RAID Drive. I would imagine that is the boot sector where GRUB should be installed.

But dont worry. It will not mess up XP and Vista. You can restore the Vista boot loader and then add a entry for Linux thru EasyBCD and then jsut use the Vista boot loader to choose which OS to run.
Fedora use Boot Sector

I just had time to try to have Fedora use the Boot Drive. The list of drives available for using the Boot Sector were the two NTSF drives without RAID0. When I try to change Drive Order the following is also listed
This drive is not one of the drives available to write the boot sector.
Unfortinuatly the RAID0 drive is my boot drive.
Any Ideas.