XP/vista Multiboot (Drv. Letters/Sysrestore)


i will be installing a multiboot environment on a sony vaio nb with vista on it on thursday, so XP will come second. I already read through the forums and understood the basic process (install xp, restore vista bm with easybcd, recreate xp entry, as i got it). There are two issues that i need clarification with:

1) Drive letters: I'd like the two oses to use the c letter while running (my friend aint tech-savvy at all, so i dont want him confronted with a non-c xp install). If i got it right (from other posts), i'd have to hide the vista partition before installing XP so the vista partition doesnt get enumerated. On another place on the net i read that XP wont care for the hidden status of partitions, still enumerating them. What is your opinion on that? Also, after XP finishes installation, i'd unhide the vista partition (thus having two primary partitions). XP should then enumerate it with d: or something. Will the approach mentioned in the first paragraph still work or do i have to change something? As i got it, the XP bootloader needs to be copied to the vista drive, where it is called by the vista bm, and due to the changed boot.ini it will boot from the second prim. XP partition. Will this change xp's numbering scheme, annihilating all efforts to make XP enumerate its partition as c?

2) System restore bug: Is there already a noob-safe solution (regarding usage, not installation) using neogrub? The criticalpoint is auto-unhiding the vista partition before booting into vista. A manual reboot-unhideVista-reboot-bootVista-cycle as suggested as a temporary solution is not feaasible for my friend.

Thank you in Advance,

Hi Paul, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

With regards to making both drive C:\, you should take a look at this recent thread with the same exact question: http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=878

Now as for NeoGrub.... I'm afraid there is currently no other (easier, that is) way of auto-hiding Vista from XP- we're working on a "noob-proof" program to do that ATM.