XP/Vista starts only after two starts


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I have installed Vista and XP on my system.
Every OS is working fine.
I can start Vista or XP as often as I want without problem.
But as soon I change from one system to the other I get a black screen after I have chosen the OS in the bootloader menue and the laptop starts again. Then I chose the same OS again and the display shows "normal start" or Help. If I chose normal start the OS starts fine.
So at the end I always need two starts to get in the other OS and one start if select the same OS as before.
Hi Lukas789. Welcome to NST.
Have you tried the option called "Rest BCD storage" in the "Diagonistics Center" of EasyBCD? :wink: It might help.
If that doesn't change anything, then try selecting the option "Reinstall the Vista bootloader" in the "Manage Bootloader" section of EasyBCD, and hitting the Write MBR button, and that should fix it.