Xp + Vista + Ubuntu in 2 drives


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Hi all, i'm trying to "triple boot" Xp Professional, Vista and latest Ubuntu Linux.
I've 2 HD with some partitions: i think that an image it's much more clear :grinning:

How can i make the Vista bootloader able to boot Linux?? I've used 1,3 (disk, partition) but the screen goes black with a blinking cursor and no error message or whatever...

Any help will be appreciated, and sorry for my terrible english :grinning:

/edit: i forgot some (maybe) important info:
"C" is Windows XP, "D" is Windows Vista both on SATA drive
"G" is a Fat32 partition with Data, Linux Ubuntu is the last partition. This is an old IDE (PATA) drive.


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Hello Uzirox,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

You need to install GRUB to the bootsector of the Ubuntu 7.04 partition.
I tested these exact steps with same exact configuration you're doing, and it worked great:


Good luck.