XP & Vista64 Dualboot. XP Wont work now?


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Evening all,

Bit of a n00b with dual booting so sorry if i dont know what im on about.

So here goes....

Ive got 2 160gb HD's in my comp. One is for storage, the other is currently split into 2 80gb partitions.

I installed XP Home on the first partition without a hitch and it has been working perfectly for weeks.

Now heres the problem, i installed Vista64 on the second partition and now i cannot boot into XP any more?

As soon as i installed Vista i installed EASYBCD and was expecting to see 2 entries, one for Vista and one for XP. There was only Vistas there so i created an entry myself for XP.....it didnt work. All that happens is i choose the XP entry i created in EasyBCD at boot and the computer restarts.

Someone suggested i try 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr' on the XP partition which i have but nothing changed. Vista works fine but i want XP back for some programs.

When in Vista, XP resides on the E: drive. My storage HD is D: and Vista is on C:.

EasyBCD currently points at C: for Vista an E: for XP.

Any ideas as to how to make XP boot again would be welcome.

Cheers in advance.
Hi buztafen, welcome to NST

Vistas installer should have picked up on XP and added it for you automatically, but go ahead and start up EasyBCD. Go to Add/Remove entries and add a new entry for XP. You can't point to any partition when doing this because its been automated to find the needed boot files. Reboot and test the new entry to verify its working.
The problem seen right away if you are not seeing the "previous versions of Windows" option in the Vista boot menu appearing would be not having copied the XP boot files over to the VIsta64 root. When pointing EasyBCD at E there's no ntldr, ntdetect.com, or boot.ini present to load XP when selected.

You will need to first go into the tools>folder options>view tab in order to uncheck a few items there being the hide protected system files, hide files and folders with known extensions, and check off the show all hidden files and folders option. Once the three main boot files are copied over you then edit the boot.ini file to verify that it is pointing to the correct drive/partition rdisk(0)partition(1).