Xp & W7 dual boot question/problem


First, hello all!!!!! and thanks for reading /helping

Well, I´ll try to explain:
My System:
DRIVE 0 (Seagate): Windows XP
DRIVE 1 (Western): Windows 7
I did each installation with only 1 drive connected. When I installed Xp only Drive 0 was connected / when I installed W7 only Drive 1 was connected.
(So, each OS has its own and independent boot) Now if I want to start with Drive 1 (W7) I have to modify boot options in Bios.
I would like to know if its possible to create a dual boot with easyBCD.
When I try to add an entry for XP, I can NOT select drive (only C: appears) (and loading from W7) my XP is in D: So C: is the drive selected by default
Although The dual boot is created if I choose XP appears that NTLDR is not present

Please give me any ideas (&sorry for my poor english)
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Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7 )
Delete the XP entry
Add it again - let EasyBCD auto-configure when it offers.
Leave the XP drive alone (that's why it "greys" - to stop you changing it)
If the dual-boot doesn't work immediately and you have an unlettered "system" partition on the W7 drive, give the partition a letter and repeat the above instructions.