XP/Win 7 Dual boot gone totally wrong


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I've created a new partition on an xp system to install and dual boot windows 7.

The Windows 7 install went well however I have no option to dual boot windows. I started up easyBCD 1.7.2 and tried to add an entry however it won't let me add a windows xp entry, the drive letter is grayed out.

I've tried copying the boot.ini and nt files across from the xp drive but still don't have the option to add an xp entry.

I somehow managed to get the xp entry in but when selecting it from boot the machine just re-starts.

Disk Management shows all the correct drives.

What are my options?
Get the latest build of EasyBCD from here > Add New Entry > 2K/NT/XP... > Let it autoconfigure when prompted. EasyBCD grays out/hides the drive because it detects that all on its own.