XP-Win7, after format and install


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hi, guys, i hope you can help me about this:
I had windows xp on E drive, after this i install vista on C. Before week, i formated the C drive, and install Windows 7 on the same partition (C). After this stupid action, i can load only windows 7, and i don't have entry for the XP.
I've use easybcd to add an entry for the XP and now i have 2 options for boot - WIN 7 and XP, but when i choose XP, shows me that file ntldr is missing or corrupt.
Can someone helps me? Please someone to explain me step by step, what can i do....


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Hi Kotmans, welcome to NST.
Get a copy of EasyBCD 2.0
Delete the XP entry you added, then add it again and let Easy2 auto-configure boot.ini for you when it offers.
It will tell you the 2 other files you need to copy from the XP partition root into the Vista root.
Your system should boot fine then.
Read the sticky thread for more detail.


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Happy to help.