XP/Win7 Problems


Hi There,

I have just recently bought a new laptop with Windos7 64bit pre-installed.
As usual 90% of my software woouldn't run on it.
So I installed windows XP Professional on it after a few attepts.
Xp is now running great but BCD will not run on it versions 1.7.2 and 2.0.1 don't run.
Version 2.1 keeps bringing up the following screen :

BCD error.JPG

So I can't work out how to get the windows7 working again.
Any help appreciated.
Reply yes, and navigate it to whichever partition is marked "system" in Disk Management.
You will need folder options set thus to be able to see the BCD inside the \boot folder.
Don't use 1.7.
You can get the latest beta release of 2.1 here
I have selected 'YES' and navigated to the c:\windows\boot directory but the only BCD files are in :


everytime I try to alter these I get the following error :


Then the EasyBCD shuts down in error.

I have when EasyBCD is running tried to install the bootloader and it goes through as if it is but nothing happens on re-boot the system still boots directly into XP.
That looks like XP to me.
Are you saying that Disk Management has XP marked as "system" ?
If so, how did you install it, in space freed on the W7 disk or on a separate HDD ?
The BCD is obviously on W7, not XP, but the location of "system" (i.e. where the boot files are installed) depends on how it was installed.
It could be in the root of the W7 partition, or possibly a separate small unlettered boot partition, or even in an OEM recovery partition. If it's in an unlettered partition, you'll need to assign a letter so that the explorer dialogue can navigate to it when you reply "yes".
Probably simpler to use your W7 DVD to repair it, then add an XP entry from W7 using EasyBCD from there
Thanks for your help.
Had to repair the startup several times to get windows 7 to boot up.
Loaded EasyBCD v2.1 on to the pc and installed the bootloader.
System now is dual boot.
Only down side is I have to go into my bios everytime to swop my SATA controller working mode to :

"Compatible" for Windows XP
"AHCI" for Windows 7

But at least I can Dual boot now.

Thanks For everything

John :grinning: