XP Windows 7..go to single boot.. both on different hard drives.


I have 2 hard drives,
Disk 0 has XP on first partition
Disk 1 has Windows 7 on partition 2
I want to remove XP and image Windows 7 and put on Disk 0 after editing and adding the boot folder and bootmgr file.
This is quite simple if they were both on different partitions of the same disk but will I have any problems because they are on separate disks.
If I was dual booting two versions of XP I could simply edit the boot ini file to look to disk 0 but how do I do that with easybcd and do I need version 2 ?
EasyBCD tells it to look on C but will it automatically know that it is now on disk 0 and not disk 1 ?
Clone the W7 partition to its new place, then disconnect the old HDD, boot the W7 DVD and "repair your computer" "startup repair" three times. This will create all the boot files in the W7 partition.
I will try that but I use both HD and do not plan to remove either .Just want to go to single boot. What I will try is clone Win 7 , install on 1st partition of Disk 0 , remove the win 7 installation from Disk 1 partition 2 and do like you said. How does that sound ?
Do as I said (but I meant to say "temporarily" in regard to disconnecting the old HDD)
Reconnect it when the cloned W7 is booting OK then reformat it or whatever you want to do with it.
If you do the repair with 2 W7s visible, it's a lottery where the boot files will end up.