XP wont boot with EasyBCD

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I have easybcd installed on my vista harddrive the other HD has XP.

When I boot I getthe option screen to which to boot from BUT only Vista will boot.

when I select the HD with XP , "windows boot manager" comes up and says " windows failed to start". File \NTLDR
status oxc0000000f the selected entry cannot be loaded because it is missing or corupt

I checked in the XP root of C \NTLDR does exsist I also trade replacing that file with the one in a linkon this site both getsthe same error.

What else do I need to do to get XP to boot ???
EasyBCD | Diagnostics Center | Copy Debug Data

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Check that the XP boot files are in the root of the partition marked "system active" in disk management. That's the disk the system is booting from, and need not be XP itself.
The root of the XP OS has all the files, I question more if they are all correct. The XP drive boots fine when I physically disconnect the Vista drive, but with vista drive connected when I pick to boot with the XP drive from the list a error mesage immediatly comes up on windows boot manager unable to to boot the file \NTLDR does not exsist or is corrupted but i checked and it is there and i tried replacng it with one on this site and still no go - SOS
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Have you looked in admin tools/comp mgmt/disk mgmt to see which is your system active drive when both disks are connected?
It sounds like Vista is active, and that's where the XP files must be copied to.
All the boot files for both systems must be in the same partition.
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