XP Won't Install So Can't Use EasyBCD!


[FONT=&quot]Have successfully added a 2nd SATA HD to my W7 64 bit system (very similar to the WD Caviar 640Gb "Green" already installed, just the 640Gb "Black" version) - need to have dual boot so I can use WinXP Pro 32 bit for some audio apps. Win XP Pro install CD "sees" the 2nd drive no probs, will format it, does start install, copies required files and then gets to the first reboot stage... reboots, gets to the "Boot from CD..." stage (which as usual this time you ignore) and then.... just hangs. If you ctrl/alt/del to force another reboot and then take the CD out it does go past the "Boot from CD..." dialogue, only to say "disk read error". Before going any further I should let you know that I do have EasyBCD ready to rewrite the W7 MBR and add the boot to XP option once XP is installed (it being AFTER the existing W7 install) - can't do that however as can't get XP to complete the install! If it's a help I can say that I can however successfully install W7 to the second drive and end up with a dual boot option to either the existing W7 or my "new" W7 install - in fact that's what I've had to do to get a good MBR back on the original drive (now a tedious number of times...). I know of course that none of this is EasyBCD's fault in any way but was hoping someone might be able to shed some light? Thanks, Nigel (head aching badly now)
Try disconnecting the original W7 HDD while you do the XP install to the new HDD.
That will also protect the MBR of the first HDD and enable an easy recovery to W7 by simply reconnecting it if the XP install still hangs.
Thanks Terry, that's pretty much what I'd decided to do, only held off because in the "Installing XP after Vista/W7" guide on the neosmart website it seemed to advise against it. Can't see any other way though myself so will give it a go and report what happens!
I'm afraid that guide is rather old and predates the automatic features of Easy2. Then it was thought to be creating unnecessary extra work (and scope for misunderstanding and error) to tie together 2 independent installs. A lot of manual copying and editing was involved.
Now Easy2 does everything for you, so it's actually the safest and easiest way.
No, Terry, the Installing XP after Vista guide is the all-new and updated one.

Installing XP After Vista - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

But the advice to not disconnect the drive remains just if you disconnect the drive then the instructions will differ (not needing to reinstall the Vista MBR, etc) and many people are not comfortable with opening their PC to disconnect the drive, and/or may be installing XP to the same disk as Vista.
We'll have to agree to differ on that then.
My advice would be "always disconnect the existing system, when installing a older OS on a new HDD"
That protects the existing setup and gives an easy escape route if problems are found with the new install.
I don't think "not being comfortable" applies when the user has just opened the box to install the new HDD anyway.
Of course if the XP install is to a new partition on the old HDD, he doesn't have any option, so the advice doesn't apply.
I can't think of any disadvantage in disconnecting the existing system with Easy2, only positives.
Thanks both Terry and Guru - I won't be able to get back to it till the weekend probably, slim chance of doing something tonight... glad you've agreed to disagree ("we don't want nah trouble here" in best Eastdeadenders voice) - don't think I'm really left with any options now apart from unplugging the existing W7 drive to be honest. I will definitely give a detailed reprt of what happens (assuming I have a PC to do it on!)
Complete Success!

Update - I unplugged the original drive (with working W7 installation) from SATA "0" and plugged in the new drive instead. Left original drive disconnected altogether. Win XP Pro 32 bit then installed with no problems at all on the new drive. Then unplugged new drive from SATA "0" and plugged it into SATA "1", lastly reconnected the original W7 drive to SATA "0". Rebooted from cold and the original drive MBR multiboot screen came up (no XP option yet of course). Selected the (default) to go into W7 original drive, no problems, booted in as normal. Ran Easy BCD, deleted the old "Second W7" entry and added a new "XP" entry. I let EasyBCD select the correct drive automatically. Wonder of wonders!! All works perfectly, iReboot works a dream, time for a beer!

Have just one thing to clear up, when booting from cold (or regular Windows restart) there is an anomalous extra W7 entry shown (needless to say I haven't tried it) but EasyBCD only shows the two entries, one W7 and one XP... any ideas?

Lastly a big thanks to all EasyBCD folks, getting this up and running would have been anything other than EASY without EasyBCD (and the advice - thanks guys).