XP won't load


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I'm using EasyBCD 1.7, and its been working just fine for a few months, with Vista of course. Just this morning, I was unable to boot into my XP partition, and while I can use my Vista partition, I'd much rather boot into XP. Some program brings up a message that says that Windows was unable to load, and do I want to do a Startup loading diagnostic, or just boot normally. Even if I select that diagnostic, nothing happens but a black screen, until I shut down, restart, and get to that same error message. This occurs before I get to the XP login screen, but AFTER I get to the BCD options screen. If I select my vista partition, everything is fine. This occurs regardless of which one is the default.

I did see an option in EasyBCD to have it do a diagnostic (check boot drive for corruption) but it was only for the Vista partition, and I'm obviously not having problems with that part. At any rate, I tried it but I got a message saying that that sector was already in use (or something to that effect), and if I wanted to have it run the next time Vista started. I did say yes, but then saw nothing the next time I booted up.

OK--I want to be able to boot into XP with EasyBCD. What do I need to do? Insert the XP OS disc, do fixmbr? But that wouldn't help with EasyBCD would it, since it is using Vista's bootloader?
One old article for how to perform an install to repair can be seen at http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm

One occasion here I went to load XP after it hadn't been booted into for some time. The end result was seeing a full reinstall then. The boot up to the recovery console and use of the Fixboot and Fixmbr commands is when you don't see any sign of XP even starting up due to an invalid boot.ini file message or when one of the boot files is missing.