xp wont load


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hi i have a problem
this is how my settings look

There are a total of 2 entries listed in the Vista Bootloader.
Bootloader Timeout: 3 seconds.
Default OS: Microsoft Windows Vista
Entry #1
Name: Microsoft Windows Vista
BCD ID: {default}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \Windows
Entry #2
Name: Microsoft Windows xp
BCD ID: {c94d594c-09c7-11de-9579-c63428a80fb3}
Drive: F:\
Bootloader Path: \NTLDR

but xp wont load...
please help me...
Hi Dani, welcome to NST.
The XP entry doesn't point to XP. It points to the XP boot files, which have to be copied to the root of the partition flagged as "system". (that's why EasyBCD "greys" the drive field to prevent you pointing to the wrong location)
Please read the sticky thread which will link you to all the information you need, and make sure that you are using EasyBCD 2.0 which will make the adding of an XP entry to the BCD almost completely automatic with its auto boot.ini configurator.