XP wont load



I have just used BCD as i need to run a program on XP so have partitioned drive and installed BCD and followed all directions! (i think)

My problem is XP wont boot, i have an error come up that says i need to install XP disc and try to recover language tool, which ive tried but wont work.

I did on a 3rd attempt notice that the file/path missing appeared to be "\NST\ntldr"

Has anyone got any ideas?

Thank in advance :smile:
Hi Terry,

Thanks for your reply, yes to both questions although i have now uninstalled bcd and installed version 1.7.2



Hi, still hasnt resolved the issue, i now have "invalid boot.ini" then it says booting from C\windows. From there i can only load vista using last known good config. At this point i am well out of my depth, can anyone help? Thanks
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1.7 isn't going to be any help.
It dates from a time when EasyBCD was just one tool on the route to dual-booting XP with Vista, before W7 was even on the horizon. To use it successfully, you must be capable of discovering the correct ARC paths (by trial and error normally), placing copies of the XP boot files in the correct location, knowing how to determine that location and manually editing the information the files contain to reflect their change of position.
If you're not happy to do that, then go back to using release 2 which has the code to determine the necessary information and make the appropriate changes for you.
Post the "view settings" info from EasyBCD (detailed mode) and a screenshot of your Disk Management.
The sticky thread will tell you how to do that if you need help.