Xserver And ATI!


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this is more over my new computer issues with linux and my homemade computer:

which is an:
Ultra Steel case (five HD slots, two 3.5 slots, 4 5' slots and 10 USB, two Firewire, two network, 8 audio input (six in the back two on the side) and finally a 500wat power supply)


P5N Asus SLi (ill fill in the rest once i get to a better net connection ) but it has:
4 RAM slots, three PCI slots and 4 PCIE two x16, and then a medium and small one , 8 SATA RAID plug-ins two on board network, four on board USB and an extra power supply input for SLi

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 processor 4000+

and then a 503.9 MB of RAM


now to problems

well i couldnt get linux to run i first found out because of a bad memory stick i guess... so thats fixed now

and then i ran into problem two, GFX!

Xserver was crashing and then i found that i could either download the ATI driver or reconfigure Xserver itself, downloading the driver didnt work for me, so i reconfigured and now Xserver works... however i dont get to have any acceleration (GL desktop) and now finally there is only one problem, and i havent restarted to see if it would go away...

the start menu and the time are all black and dotted with colored pixels... :frowning: however when i click the clock or the menu button it shows up:

refer to pictures:
my desklets work but still error with menu :frowning:
fixed menu but only temp... :frowning:
^ okaydokay thanks,

the reason i think i couldnt download the driver was becuase my university requires me to log on to the network to access the internet, and in terminal, i couldnt log on to it lol becuase it is a GUI login only i think lol
No, you should be able to login with the terminal too... If it's a web-based log-in, just fire up `lynx`
Otherwise, just google the authentication protocol and see the steps for a console-based login.
^oh okay kool good to know that

thanks ill try that the next time Xserver dies lol

i have to restart, (the walkthrough told me too lol) and then eat and go to the library to do math :frowning: (the web-based math program only workes for windows and IE :frowning: ) ttyl :smile:
^ okay so,

that didnt work, i did what the HowTo told me too, and ended up with the same broken Xserver :frowning: but i know how to fix that :smile: lol

i still have the bugged outtime and menu buttons :frowning: