Yahoo Konfabulator Install On Vista Beta 2


I can't install Yahoo Konfabulator 3.1 on Vista Beta2 (5384).

YahooWidgetEngine.exe which should be in "C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Yahoo! Widget Engine" never gets copied to that folder.

Konfabulator V2.11 installed fine, but is outdated. No other programs act this way. I posted on but no answers there.

Edit: this post has been mysteriously deleted after I found a solution.
Hello 3dogs, and Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Two questions:
1) Is this the latest version of the Yahoo! Konfabulator engine?
2) Have you tried right-clicking the exe and in the properties menu running it "Windows XP SP2 Compatibility Mode?"

Thanks for the reply. You are thinking like I am, or vice versa. Yes its the latest. I download it everyday, hoping it will change, just a little. Perhaps there is another version out there, but I am not aware of it. I posted on the Konfabulator forum. I would think if anyone would know, they would.

As to the compatibility mode, I wanted to try that, but there is not .exe file in the folder, hidden or otherwise. I searched for the file on the entire HD and its not there. All the other files are in the folder, just not the .exe. I am pulling an old .exe file from an XP machine and will manually put it in the folder, but that will only work if the registry was set up properly.

The strange think is that all other programs are working for me, some relatively new programs and some really old. This is the only problem I have not been able to resolve.
I got it working. I copied YahooWidgetEngine.exe file from a drive running XP to "C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Yahoo! Widget Engine" then in Properties, clicked the Compatibility tab and chose XP SP2.

Great news, and congratulations on figuring it out.

Just one question: why do you need this now that we have the Gadgets from Microsoft?
Yes for now because Yahoo/Konfabulator widgets are created by a huge community with great innovation. For generic stuff like Clock or News, I guess it does not matter, but for example, iTunes Companion is a Y/K only widget for now. When I checked the Vista widgets, there were about 6. Y/K has almost 3,000. Less than 1% are useful fro me, but enough to go to the trouble of getting this working.

Thanks again for the confirmation that I was on the right track.
Hey 3dogs, NeoSmart is always ready to help, enjoy :wink:

(Finally, some one is going to keep Vista after all :smile:)
For an unknown reason, Yahoo/Konfabulator deleted the entire post related to this solution, so this post is the only record of it. Kind of big brotherish to find history erased with no record.
Really!? Not even a PM letting you know it was deleted (with or without a reason...)?! :dead:

Wow... But they're not the first. That's actually a part of the reason NeoSmart Forums were founded. We used to hang out at PROnetworks until this sort of thing started happeninig. It's a shame when a community becomes a buerocracy, really is.

But NeoSmart Technologies would never do that, so welcome aboard mate :grinning:!
Well now the whole forum is gone, with only the following message: "Thanks to some hackers, we've been forced to shut these forums down for the duration. Stay tuned. Each moment we spend dealing with these issues is less time we get to work on the product. Yay", so who knows now.
From what I hear, you can't blame whoever did it - they had it coming their way.
But no matter, their forums are back up and running now. I never did like Yahoo! staff and policy with customers and users.

From experience:
Google staff are (generally) pretending to be nice, but don't give a crap.
Yahoo! staff are in it for the money, and treat customers like crapy.
Microsoft staff are the closest thing to actually caring about the users.
AOL staff are the devil's advocate and try their best to sink their users' ship.

:tongueout:oint: :tongueout:oint:
Konfabulator was purchased by Yahoo in the last year, so I don't know how connected they are yet. On Windows, its the best Widget/Gadget between the contenders (Yahoo, Google and MS) by far. I don't know why they disabled support for Vista, but it does crash sometimes, but then again so do all my programs on Vista.