Yet ANOTHER dual boot Vista/XP issue...


Member's my situation.

I originally have vista installed (home premium 32bit) and I set up a dual boot for XP Pro sp2. When I get to the last step of setting up the DB in BCD, I made a msitake with the NAME of the Xp partition.

*Sidenote: My vista install is on C: and my XP install is on D:*

So, after realizing I made the mistake over something as petty as a NAME, I deleted the entry in BCD. Then re-added the entry with the correct name and drive letter. Only NOW I can't get it to add XP back to the bootloader.

So I have vista functioning perfectly fine, and I have a fresh install of XP that I can't boot into. There are no error messages, my computer simply boots directly into Vista. And when I look into BCD, there's no log of XP in ANY page (as if the install of XP doesn't even exist)....


I've done a clean re-install of XP and "started over" in every way except for reinstalling Vista (for obvious reasons - not wanting to lose my "main" OS + data), and I'm stumped.
So have you removed the XP entry and made sure it was gone before you added a new one back? Have you read our documentation? silly I am. This is EMBARASSING, but I wasn't hitting the SAVE button after adding the new entries...SMH. Altho, now I have 2 XP boot instances, but I can just go into xp and delete one, right?
You have 2 XP entries on the BCD? If so just use EasyBCD to delete one of them.

If you select XP from the Vista bootloader and you get the option then to select a XP that is a different story.

So which is it? :wink: