Yet Another Sound Problem :/


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If anyone can help me with sound on my Vista 64 install, I would be most grateful.

I've installed Vista 64 RC1 on my Rock Xtreme 64 laptop - 4800+, 2Gb, via ac 97 sound.

Everyone is great - looks fantastic and is so much quicker than XP 32 ever was on the same machine. However, sound is awful - it keeps stuttering. I've tried installing every driver I can find for the sound - but it still stutters.

I don't believe that its cpu load - it never looks loaded in task manager. I've updated AMD drivers just in case. I've updated raid drivers too just in case.

At a bit of a loss really ...

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Aquatious (love the name!) and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

If its any consolation, it's not your CPU load... it's the drivers.

Can you please open the device manager and give us the exact name & model of the sound card/chipset, and which drivers (and version) you are using? That would go a long way.