You Must Log In To Access Recovery Options


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Hi, My Toshiba T130 , I Tried To Recovery it , But When I Select The Language ,press next ,i show me you must log in to access recovery options , if i press ok it gone to restart , i tried my self the zero key to recover from boot manager , there is (windows 7)options ,but i can't get the repair option from there , bcz when i tried to go advanced recovery option by pressing f8 key ,it go to windows automatic repair option & same thing happen like before, Any One Can Give Me Any Better solution for this , how can i log in to my administrator account or any thing else.
If you use the recovery option already on your PC, you'll be asked for the password. If you boot from a setup disc or our own recovery discs, you won't.
This is easily explained.

When you do the recovery from the manufacturer, they prompt for the Password for a simple reason. If they did not anyone at any time could set the PC back to factory settings. How would you feel if you left your PC on your desk at work, went to lunch and had a co-worker reset it due to the fact that they didnt prompt for the password? Having lost everything, you would be pretty upset and wonder why they didnt ask for a password or some other form of protection.

But since your on the other end trying to recover from some disaster, you wonder why it is there instead of just being able to do it. It is now a hassle for you and your bothered by it when it could easily be the other way around. Manufacturer's have to cover all their bases. They prompt for a password simply because without one, it would be simple to accidentily reset it when you dont want to.