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Ireboot and BCD latest versions. I was running a triple boot Windows 7, PCLinuxOS Gnome 2010 and OpenSUSE 11.2. They were all installed in that order with the MBR re--set in PCLOS but using the graphical menu of Suse. It all worked fine until I loaded your stuff and I've spent the last couple of days wondering why I lost my access to both Linuxes. Oh sure I configured sda5 and sda8 and it all looks really nice in your programs except for the fact when I boot up I get a Windows boot page with all three OS's listed. But choosing either Linux I'm told there's a grub file missing but I know I installed it in BCD. One look into the NST folder shows two odd looking grub files. One question if I choose to boot one of the Linuxes from ireboot why does it then boot to a windows selection screen where I have 10 seconds to choose. I had this before I installed your junk. Ireboot is supposed to go directly to my selection and not a "selection" screen. So far your software has managed to screw up a nicely working triple boot config. Your help files suck too.
Hi Alex999, glad you liked our software enough to at least share your displeasure that it wasn't working.

iReboot is a Windows-based program, and as such, it cannot communicate directly with the Linux bootloader which resides on the Linux filesystem in a format that cannot be read outside of Linux.

Instead, it tells the Windows boot manager to tell the Linux bootmanager it wants to boot Linux. And *then* the Linux boot manager takes over and asks *you* which Linux you wish to boot into.

It's all about miscommunication and translation. Since neither the Linux bootloader can boot Windows directly, nor can the Windows bootloader load Linux directly, EasyBCD sits in between like a translator/mediator, making them both understand one another enough to at least, in the end, get you into the OS you want.

There are (easy) ways of taking this further and truly making the 2-level boot menus invisible. If you care enough to stick around (and asking politely would help, too, as some advice) we can show you how that's done :smile:
OK I've come this far. What is the advantage to BCD? So far I'm not getting. And I would like to retrieve my triple boot config. And what do you mean by " truly making the 2-level boot menus invisible." How much more invisible? Remember my 2 Linuxes. The'yre pretty invisible right now.
There is no "definite" advantage to using BCD. BCD, in and of itself, isn't any better or worse than GRUB/GRUB2 is, as far as the end user is concerned. Its job is to boot into an OS, no more, no less.

First and most important question: What version of EasyBCD are you using? You should be using version 2.0, available for free from EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums which fixes a lot of Linux-related issues.
Add a new entry with type "GRUB" and check the box that says "GRUB is not installed to the bootloader"

Does that entry behave any different?
It depends on your configuration. It may end up showing you the OpenSuSe menu you used to use.
OK, at this point, I need more details.

What does your hard drive look like? What partitions, and where is each OS installed?

Where did you install GRUB to? Did you install it to the MBR or the bootsector of this partition?
Go ahead and upload it here.

Just press "Go Advanced" under the "Quick Reply" box, then "Manage Attachments" on the page that comes up.

It's 3am here, I'm going to catch some sleep while I still can :smile:
Partition 2 is PCLOS set to MBR. 4 is OpenSUSE 11.2


I never asked for a private request I merely sent up a screenshot from where I was directed to. What's the problem?
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The message relates to the fact that you're using 1.7.
That is stable, but 2 years old and pre-dates nearly all cutting edge software like UID-grub, grub2, W7 etc, therefore cannot be expected to support it.
Get the 2.0 release CG pointed you to.
It's mentioned in the sticky thread.
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Hey you guys in the Persian Gulf! Does anyone work out there? It's been more than 13 hours since my last post. Yela Yela! Chop Chop! Worky Worky!
You know what, Alex? I don't feel like helping you much.

Terry told you the next step, but you didn't really show much effort in reciprocating there. He specifically requested that you download a particular update and try again and post what happened, but I guess where you come from, people don't like to lift a finger to help their own selves.

Oh, and it's not the Persian Gulf, it's the Red Sea, and even that is still a good 500KM away.

As for work.... I and my friends here at NST have worked tirelessly and at great cost to ourselves in terms of time, effort, and money in order to provide *free* services to the good people of the internet. None of us here do it as our "day job" and, in fact, I do a lot of free work for NST when I could be raking in the gold writing and selling tools to help people who know just enough about computers to get themselves screwed over. The tough part is finding out who's worth helping, and fortunately, I get quite a bit of satisfaction out of helping people that drop by our way. Not so fortunately for you, I'm not getting the vibe right now.

Mr. Alex Mrvosh, you'll just have to see if anyone else will help you out of the hole you've dug for yourself.
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Of course I got the new version during the 13+ hours of dead time. I triedit out and the same thing happened- nothing but before you take up issue with me go back and read the original post which states that before I used your software I had a perfectly running triple boot config. Pclos in the mbr and boot menu of SUSE. It's all there in the first message. So I have your newer product and there is no change in anything. It's Windows 7 that boots up and my grub is gone.

And incidentally I've had a look at your forums and there are a lot of people with EBCD issues. I know how to run partitions. What I want to know is why this software knocked out my grub. That's all I want to know. As for coming after me for not downloading your prog the least you could is ask if I did instead of lashing out. I haven't used profanity so stop trying to censor me. It's a day later and I still can't get any help.