ZoneAlarm Prevents EasyBCD From Running


Hi Guys,
Well, it took a bit of hacking around but I found how ZoneAlarm Extreme Security prevents EasyBCD from running.

It is the Zone Force Field module ISWSVC.exe which runs as a service and DOES NOT unload if you exit / stop ZoneAlarm (right click in sys tray and shutdown).

I found if I used task manager (actually SysInternals Process Explorer - much better) to kill ISWSVC.exe I can then start EasyBCD. You have to be quick though because ISWCSVC is a bit of a vampire and keeps rising from the dead - I suspect I might need to disable it in services.

So nothing to do with .NET frameworks at all in this case. Also odd that a Zone "Force Field" component would have this effect since it is (I think) supposed to be for browser protection!!??

Anyway this has been a long and frustrating problem to solve so I hope my findings can be of use to others.

Cheers - Dave