Zotero Add-On for FireFox


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Are you a student going to school who constantly does research to get assignments done? Like Firefox?

Well I've been using Zotero for awhile now, a free add-on for Firefox. This add-on is a smart tool for keeping bookmarks and files more organized in sort of a database type style right in your browser. You store all of your resources in what is called a library, but you can create collections and put data into these collections to keep them ogranized. In addition, you can keep notes on bookmarks/files or have Zotero automatically generate works cited pages for the references used in your work.

This add-on can be used with portable versions of FireFox too, but you must drag the .xpi file into the FireFox window of your portable browser to install it. This is perfect for lab computers because it runs inside your portable browser on your flash drive so you can take your work with you.

Here's the Wiki article on it at Wikipedia
And here's the site to go download it from

It has helped me over the years, so just spreading the word :smile: