NeoSmart Technologies and Open Source

At NeoSmart Technologies, we’re strong believers in the power of free and open source software. We love to give back to the community, and in addition to be one of the leading developers of free (non-paid) software on the web since 2004 with tens of millions of downloads of our popular products such as EasyBCD and iReboot, we’re also big on contributing to open source technologies so we can build on the work of others and help provide a foundation that other free software developers will find to be a useful launching point in their endeavors

Aside from our code contributions to various community FOSS projects, you can find the complete source code to some NeoSmart Technologies projects on our GitHub developer profile page at

Open Source Acknowledgement

NeoSmart Technologies also acknowledges, appreciates, and thanks certain open source developers for their hard work and effort in saving us from reinventing the wheel. Below you’ll find a listing of various NeoSmart Technologies’ projects that make use of open source components. Clicking on a project name will take you to a list of open source projects included with the project, a copy of the license for each, and the applicable source code used in the latest version of the product. While this listing is required by certain licenses, our shout out to these developers and communities is more than out of a sense of legal obligation: it is a sincere thank you from all of us at NeoSmart.