CHMOD-Win 3.0


Windows 2003 and Linux both make great server products. They're extremely versatile and powerful nature makes them ideal for millions of visitors a day, and their elevated security features make them impregnable at the best of times — except when incorrectly configured.

Windows and Linux have many things in common, but the one thing they don't can be a catastrophe: ACL security, the ability to lock certain users/groups out of a file or folder and grant permissions at whim. Windows uses ACL, Linux uses CHMOD, and many users are stuck with directions for one or the other, and have no idea what to do. That's where CHMOD-Win comes in. With CHMOD-Win, users have but to click a button, and CHMOD is suddenly available on Windows, and ACL on Linux. It just works!

CHMOD-Win offers an ingenious way to keep your servers safe, and best of all, it's free too. With CHMOD-Win, your data is safe, and it takes nothing at all to keep it that way!

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