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Nothing worked
By Tash on May 7, 2017

I just downloaded the file for windows 8 and nothing has worked. the file that downloaded hasnt go any file in it that can do anything there are just txt file to open. :( waste of $20

Didn't work!
By Neko on December 7, 2013

Sadly, after reading all the good things about this program, it didn't work for me. PC had been acting up the last couple of days when it kept running CHKDSK every time I booted up even though it never found anything. Eventually it blue screened.

After that, windows wouldn't boot up at all. I downloaded EasyRE in the hope that it would fix things but alas, it has not. The automated repair says it's failed to update the MBR therefore it's unable to proceed with the repair and I should check the logs for more details. No idea where the logs are. Tried a system restore to a point last week before the problems began but when I reboot I just get a black screen with “\1” on it.

Really disappointed but at least I got a refund.

saved hours and hours of aggravation
By Michael C on February 11, 2016

I don't know exactly how you are brilliant software works. All I can say is it works very well. I spent a long time on the internet looking for a solution to my computer blue screen of death Recovery problem. It took awhile to get the computer to accept it but it was a stubborn little hacker that kept going and finally got through. Your software did the job and saved hours and hours of aggravation. Thank you for creating a unique and helpful tool.

It works!
By Carmen, HongKong on December 20, 2016

I got a oxc000000f problem for my Window 7, It solved my probem and worths every dollars I paid!

By Tifffinie on April 22, 2013

This site saved me a lot of trouble. I thought my lap top had reached it's end, but now all is well.

This product is easy to use, from download, to burning on a disc, to repairing my computer. I couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much!

Very grateful
By Ada on August 19, 2013

Toshiba Satellite Laptop crashed and did not come with a Recovery CD/DVD. With the Windows 7 32-bit Recovery Disc download from NeoSmart Technology it is up and running again! The EasyRE Support Team, and in particular Mark, has been extremely helpful throughout the installation process. Admire his patience and long distance communication skills. Excellent Software – Support service exceptional. Highly recommended!

Perhaps it is good
By Pieter Huisman on December 15, 2014

The greatest problem is, that you have to buy before installing it. In my case, the program did not install: keayboard and mouse were frozen. I reported it to Neosmart and after a couple of days I received a new download-key. I tried again, and now the installation was complete. But, in the meanwhile I had installed the free EasyBcd boot program from the same company. And this program showed me the real problem: the driveletter of the bootfile was wrong; with EasyBcd I changed the driveletter, and that was the solution. I have no idea if EasyRE would have repaired my problem. So I cannot tell if this program also works for me. In any case: EasyBcd did the job for me.

windows 10 error 0xc0000034
By Abunaga on January 27, 2017

3 hours trying to search all over the net within many article to find a solution , my drive was not fat32 and it was NTFS , did everything possible and did not work, got this program and my gosh... worked like a magic, truly saved me a lot of time, and my data , worth every droller i spent on it

What a great service
By Duane B. on March 5, 2013

What a great service; to be able to retrieve your computer systems with ease. A real life saver and so easy to use; in just minutes you can have your computer up and running again; and have all your valuable files saved. Truly remarkable and worth every penny! I recommend this product to all enthusiastically; you can't go wrong with this system.

Waste of money!
By Joe on April 14, 2017

This was a waste of money and time. Do not even spend your money. Download the files and get no directions. The lousy video tutorial is an advertisement. Had to go to YouTube for directions. Still a bad program, with little support. Even if it fixed my PC.

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