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Vista recovery disk
By Frank C on April 10, 2013

The downloaded disk worked fast but unfortunately it quickly showed me that the hard drive was not there (must be completely dead). Therefore, I could do nothing to recover the computer.

By Bruce B on April 5, 2017

I was a little sceptical but after I burned the disc and inserted it in the dvd player it went to work in a few minutes. It took about 45 minutes but I didn't loose any files and now my hewlet packard pc runing like new. Thank you very much for saving me alot of money.

Awesome product!
By Hens Zimmerman on April 27, 2014

Thanks! For a mere 19 dollars I've managed to fix my wife's Vista laptop. It had stuck in the “\1” boot sequence and EasyRE managed to find a restore point. And now the machine is working again. Thanks for making such a useful product! PS: Even if the Windows machine would not have been restored, the EasyRE Linux menu allowed me to mount a USB stick and copy essential files from the broken C: Windows disk to the USB device. Highly recommended!

Good repair
By Frank Czapla on May 4, 2017

Thanks for making this software available. I brought my laptop back to life after the blue screen.

Great Product - Windows 10 install.....GOOF
By David Bryant on August 26, 2015

Easy Recovery Essentials may be the best software I have purchased in YEARS!!! I decided to be cool and install Win 10 on my sons laptop. Of course I didn't back up all of his homework. Five minutes into the 10 install the computer crashed and to say the least my son was livid. I spent hours trying to repair to no avail. I started to Google for help and ran across this program. I NEVER purchase these products but in desperation I caved and purchased. Best $20.00 ever spent. Period!!!

Best $19 dollars I've spent in years
By Adele on March 3, 2014

Hi, I just downloaded and used EasyRE for Windows 7 and it's amazing!

It quickly and quietly did its work, with nothing else needed from me, and as a result I am back in action. The best $19 I've spent in years - thank you so much, you saved my day / week / month etc!

Best $99 Investment of the Year
By John Tate on June 7, 2017

WOW! Did what it said it would do. Server was down, will not boot, windows media repair not helping. Spent 3 hours, still no fix. Then, purchased EasyRecovery. A few mouse clicks and 1 hour later my Dell server is up and running.

Wonderful Product
By Paul Wilson on July 27, 2016

Your product was the answer to getting my desktop computer working again. I had been on the phone with the Microsoft “\1” team who rebooted my machine several times until it finally threw the blue screen at us. I was not happy when they responded that there was nothing more they could do and suggested I contact a local IT person.

I stumbled onto your website and wanted you to know how grateful I am. I downloaded the file, burned it onto a cd and rebooted my machine. Then I sat back while your GREAT product performed it's magic. It worked the first time and in my opinion is worth much more than the twenty dollars you charge.

By Charlie A on June 12, 2016

Issues during Windows upgrade left my computer with corrupt Boot Configuration Data. Quickly sorted with EasyRE, and a great tool to have on hand.

Many thanks

Great Utility
By Christian on January 1, 2016

Cloned my running W7 Pro System with ATI to a brand new hardware with M2-SSD, but it won't boot.

After downloading the ISO-Image and preparing an USB-Stick in a few minutes, this great tool fixed all problems! It really works fantastic!

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